Announcing the Inaugural YouCubed Summer Camp 2019!

We are excited to announce the new YouCubed Summer Camp Session!

July 15-26, Monday through Friday, from 8am–2pm

Update: We were not able to fill the session, so unfortunately we’ll have to cancel this camp. For those that have already registered, we have sent an email notification regarding this and have returned all funds, which you should receive in the next few days.

Open to current 3rd–5th grade students. Come and spend ten days exploring fun mathematics-based activities that will build on prior knowledge as well as introduce new concepts that students will be able to take into the next school year. That’s just ⅓ of the day though. Spend time learning and applying the basics of physics and biology in a hands-on lab setting! Next, spend time learning about our most vital resource: water — the water cycle, water conservation, and how to purify water. Students will create their own filtration system and take action within their community.

All classes will be taught by YCJUSD credentialed teachers.

Check out their class descriptions below!


  • The session takes place July 15-26, Monday through Friday, from 8am–2pm.
  • A donation of $170 to the TWIOC Foundation to register.
  • Students can bring their own lunch, or lunch is available for an additional $20.
  • Before and after summer camp childcare is available for an additional $30.
  • Students will participate in a three session rotation daily.

Course Descriptions

YouCubed Math Session: YouCubed Summer Math Camp will not be a typical math course. Students will enjoy interactive, visual, inquiry-based mathematics lessons that encourages exploration of mathematical ideas in depth and cultivate a growth mindset. Students will play with math to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts while learning different ways to look at and solve problems. These skills will help students who love math as well as students who are a little more reluctant about math.

Project-Based Learning Session: Nothing says summer like water! Be prepared to engage in a hands-on learning unit all about water! You will learn the ins and outs of the Water Cycle and how it interacts with our Earth’s sphere. You will also learn how to purify water creating your own water filtration systems as well as look at other water filtration systems. We will be learning about the global impact that water has by discussing the importance of clean water and the impact it has on our everyday life and the lives of others in third-world countries. Lastly, we will be researching organizations that help provide clean water and come up with ways to help those who do not have access to clean water. Get ready to soak in some fun learning!

Physics and Biology Session: Welcome to the wonderful world of physics and biology! Come and get a hands-on learning experience that will challenge you with new concepts that make up the very fabric of our world. This isn’t your average science class. You will have to get your hands dirty and apply what you know to new and interesting problems. Come prepared to have your mind blown!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Sign up here today!

Only 72 spots are available.

Please be aware that if the session does not fill up, it will be cancelled and all funds will be returned. Notification will go out in early June. Thank you.

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