The World Is Our Classroom Foundation dedicates its energy and resources to the support of Competitive Edge Charter Academy in its role of empowering students to develop international awareness and a sense of pride in their academic and personal success through donations, fundraising, grants, community and educational partnerships.

Competitive Edge Charter Academy

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Join us for a Mystery Dinner!

Friday, April 29, 2022 — 5:30PM

The Annual Gala returns as a WHODUNIT Mystery Dinner at Yucaipa Valley Gold Course in Yucaipa for our annual benefit dinner and auction. This event raises money for new technology for all CECA students. Get involved. Buy your tickets and/or donate for this worthy event.

What is Competitive Edge Charter Academy K-8 about?

The Vision of the Competitive Edge Charter Academy K-8 (CECA) is dedicated to the vision of creating a learning environment where students are empowered to develop international awareness, self-sufficiency and a sense of pride in their academic and personal success.

It is our goal, by teaching through inquiry and through the use of the International Baccalaureate and second language opportunity, that students will possess the following competencies when they leave CECA:

  • Pose and pursue substantive questions
  • Critically interpret, evaluate, and synthesize information
  • Explore, define, and solve complex problems
  • Communicate effectively for a given purpose
  • Advocate for ideas, causes and actions
  • Generate innovative, creative ideas and products
  • Collaborate with others to produce a unified work and/or heightened understanding

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